Studio of Novel and Visionary Architecture

StudioNova [Studio of Novel and Visionary Architecture]

Dubai Model Toy City - The urbanism of aerial views

dubai_aerial Photographs by George. The city’s simulated monuments are made to look artificial, in total defiance of their reality; the city is an avatar of itself. By photographing from a helicopter using a special lens and other filters chooses what one really likes. (more...)

Gulf News interview: Architectural wonders can be a burden for businesses

Gulf NewsGeorge’s interview published in the Dubai based Gulf News, August 2010: Architectural wonders can be a burden for businesses (more...)

2010 Dubai Cityscape Awards in for Architecture in the Emerging Markets

George has been invited and served as a juror for the 2010 Dubai Cityscape Awards in for Architecture in the Emerging Markets


2010 Middle East Architect awards

2010 Architect AwardsGeorge has been invited and served as a juror for the 2010 Middle East Architect awards (more...)


studio projects By adopting contemporary form-making practices, such as modeling in the physical and the digital form, the work of the studio attempts to break some of the preconceived boundaries of architecture, notably that of the traditional sequence of site, program and proposal. (more...)

The Dubai Factory: Export / Import

Tower_of_BabelDespite the current generic icons of Dubai’s urbanism, the mental map of the city is about Islamic imagery. Dubai manifests the contemporary interpretation of Orientalism, sensual, spectacular, artificial, subliminal and above all contemporary and global. (more...)

Bauhaus legacy and Dubai

“Dubai’s World Trade Centre is an elegant high-rise building. Buildings of that period [the 1970s] were clear statements of modernism, commissioned by the Ruler to reposition the city and look to the future, yet relating to their environment.


Boutique City: Designing for Sale

In the 21st century the rush to consume anything from objects to culture and lifestyle has become synonymous with success. The UAE is now ranked among the top 10 international retail destinations. Dubaiââ?¬â?¢s retail space is approaching 2 million square meters. The city is almost all about advertising, marketing and shopping in an act of ââ?¬Ë?total lifestyleââ?¬â?¢. (more...)