Uncommon+ Dubai (2018) publication

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Invited contributor to the forthcoming issue Uncommon+ Dubai

At the centre of the spinning, exponential growth rate of the Gulf is the glittering city of Dubai. Avoiding the lavish and the over-photographed, the over-stylised and the over-hyped, the editor and the contributors share intimate tales from behind the impressive skyscrapers, the walled-in villas and the market alleyways. This is a walk through with the city’s inhabitants as you witness the development, the glitz and the glamour through stories and along routes as individual as the many languages spoken here.

Aficionados of the Unhomely Center and the Idio(t)syncrasy of the Periphery article by George Katodrytis
…Yet the unsettling qualities of the center have become mysterious, dense and engaging. This is what makes Dubai a true city of production. Every space is used, everybody is busy and everything is consumed as if in a state of endless transaction. It is a total lifestyle and a system of operations for survival. Nothing is in excess and nothing is wasted. Like physics engine all is interactive, performative and material. There is no architectural past to romanticize, only the future to fantasize about, and a present to consume: direct urbanism.

Uncommon Dubai
Uncommon Dubai
Uncommon Dubai
Uncommon Dubai
Uncommon Dubai
Above photographs and collages by George Katodrytis

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