Learning from Education City, Doha

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Learning from Education City, Doha. Presentation titled ‘Per_form.ative urbanism in the Gulf’

Urbanism in the region has a remarkable precedent. New technologies of communication and transmission of imagery have brought about dramatic morphological changes. Westernization was interpreted as the only form of modernization. Yet emergent practices of dynamic processes and topological modeling are now capable to incorporate a new language in architecture that can reconnect urbanism to modern life, environmental specificity and culture. Instead of celebrating the uniqueness of the architectural object, performative urbanism focuses on how the object (material tectonics), the process of production (programmatic iterations) and local behavior (contextual anomalies) can become culturally relevant.

Learning from Education City

Learning from Academic City
Learning from Academic City
Learning from Academic City
Moderating a discussion with Antoine Predock, Legorreta, Rem Koolhaas and Ali Mangera.

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