Dubai 2015 Cityscape Awards Juror

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Categories are separated into Built Projects (those with a minimum of one phase completed and operational with the last 3 years) and Future Projects (those commenced onsite but not yet completed).

Mixed Use Project Award
Description: A building, complex of buildings, or development with 3 or more uses/asset classes represented.
Examples: Offices/ residential/ retail/ cinema/ catering

Commercial Project Award
Description: A building or complex of single commercial use
Examples: Office buildings, factories, warehouses, logistics and distribution facilities

Leisure & Hospitality Project Award
Description: A building or complex that provides a leisure and/or hospitality function(s)
Examples: Hotels, serviced apartments, sports & leisure facilities, restaurants

Community, Culture & Tourism Project Award
Description: A public building or complex for the arts or serving the community
Examples: Museums, visitor centres, educational facilities, hospitals, religious buildings, airport

Residential Project Award
Description: A residential development of a minimum of 10 units
Examples: Villa/townhouse complex, apartments

Retail Project Award
Description: A retail development with a minimum of 10 units
Examples: Malls, retail districts

Environmental Sustainability Project Award

Dubai Cityscape Awards

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