Present Futures workshop, Moscow

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George made a presentation and instructed a workshop at the the Global Metropolis event Present Futures in October 2013 in Moscow, Russia.

The Present Futures was a symposium and a series of seminars that explored the relationship between the global metropolis and its embedded networks—both spatial public networks and virtual social networks. The discussion focused on the opposing scales of these “micro” and “macro” networks and their roles in shaping the future of global cities where citizen-based micro-social networks and governmental “macro” urbanism are at odds over the future of the global metropolis. As architects, how can we use invisible social networks to affect change in the physical and material realm of the global metropolis?

The travel workshop was part of the 3-semester program at Columbia University that invited students to imagine improved urban and architectural forms that overcome the constraints of today’s global city. Through their design research, the students were challenged to project strategies that deal with the emergent needs of a global urban environment that is growing at a staggering pace. The focus of the program was globalization and its consequences for the cities of today.

George’s presented Visualizing invisible systems: constructing datascapes

The developing pervasive, mobile and network media have already a dramatic effect on the production of urban spaces creating a new discourse. The intersection of digital and urban systems will result in new architectural formal expressions, emerging ambiguous urbanisms and new materialities. The physical, the digital and the virtual will fuse into a new ‘datascape’ that will be visual but also for the first time interactive and performative.

above: Present Futures poster
above: Mapping thermal energy in Dubai – student work in George’s studio
above: The Camp – a non-space network
above: Algorithmic urban densities
above: Mapping WiFi networks in Dubai – student work in George’s studio
above: Interfacing notational systems – student work in George’s studio
above: Interfacing 3-dimensiaonl urban systems – student work in George’s studio

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